please use Wikidata for interlanguage links: https://www.wikidata.org/w/index.php?title=Q318&diff=prev&oldid=608082046

thanks, Seewolf (discuție) 13 deshuduitonai 2017 17:50 (UTC)

It takes a little time, till the wikidata links show up. See: Pharnovon. --Seewolf (discuție) 13 deshuduitonai 2017 18:30 (UTC)


Hello, I'm writing in English, as I think it is a common foreign language for both of us. If you prefer any other language, I'm only capable of German and Dutch besides English, I don't know nothing about Romani.

But I know something about Interwikilinks, and you are using the wrong method for setting them. If you want to link an article to another one in another Wikimedia-Project, like deWP, enWP or such, you should do this through Wikidata, not by inserting [[de:Kontinent]] somewhere on the article page, and even less should you insert [[rmy:Whatever]] in any article in any other project, as this will get you banned for vandalism over there, as It just happened in frWP and deWP. Good luck with your project here! Sänger (discuție) 16 deshuduitonai 2017 06:14 (UTC)